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Night to Unite Registration

  1. Would you like a N2U yard sign?*

  2. Would you like political candidates who are running for office to stop by your event? This question excludes current council members visiting parties as part of their city duties.*

  3. Is this your first year hosting a party?*

  4. If you would like to block off your street, please contact your city hall.

  5. Please number in order of importance (1-3). Visits are NOT guaranteed.

  6. Fire:

  7. Sheriff's Office:

  8. City Council:

  9. Disclaimer:

    N2U signs are limited, first come, first served. Please understand we attend man block parties in a short period of time. Our goal is to have at least one visitor stop at each registered party, pending emergency calls. media and city staff may be taking videos/photos at your event for various online and printed publications.

  10. Data Privacy Information:

    The address provided on this form is considered public data (MS13.37.3). Your name, phone number, and email are considered private data and will not be released.

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