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Wargo Nature Center Nature Photo Contest 2019

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  2. Wargo Nature Center Nature Photo Contest

    Wargo Nature Center is looking for creative photos involving the natural world around us. This contest will run from April 1 - June 30. All submissions will be online and winners will be notified July 8, 2019.

  3. Rules

    Enter online at Minnesota residents only. Submit up to 2 digital color photos. Original photos, no copyrighted photos. Photos must be taken in Minnesota, Anoka County is preferred. All Ages (parent must sign for minors). Categories Include: Nature, Wildlife, Wildflowers, People enjoying nature (you will be responsible for permission) Any submissions including the following will be disqualified: Captive wildlife, domestic animals, or inappropriate content.

  4. Prizes

    Staff at Wargo Nature Center will review submissions. The top six photos will receive a Wargo Nature Center T-shirt, water bottle, and have their photo displayed at the nature center

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  7. Disclaimer

    By submitting this form, I grant Wargo Nature Center the rights to this photo to use as a display piece. If I am under the age of 18 a parent/guardian is signing permission for me.

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