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Online Hazardous Waste Training Test

  1. 1. Is an emergency coordinator required for Very Small Quantity Generator?
  2. 2. How often does a Small Quantity Generator employees need to renew Hazardous Waste training?
  3. 3. How many pounds of P-listed waste must a Small Quantity Generator stay under in order to stay the same size?
  4. 4. Hazardous waste labels do not have a required color, format, or size. The label just needs to meet MN Rule 7045 standards and be visible.
  5. 5. Used oil containers/tanks can be labeled as 'used oil' or 'waste oil'.
  6. 6. Generators must have hard copy records during the inspection in order to be in compliance.
  7. 7. How many days from the accumulation starte date must Large Quantity Generators and Small Quantity Generators remove hazardous waste off site?
  8. 8. Which of these wastes is not considered used oil?
  9. 9. A Hazardous Waste Identification Number (HWID) is not required if your business is an electronic waste collector.
  10. 10. How many drums of hazardous waste can a Small Quantity Generator store onsite at one time?
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