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2019 Metro Area Children's Water Festival

  1. Metro Area Children's Water Festival

  2. Who Should Attend

    The Festival is open to all Metro Area 4th grade classes and homeschool students.

  3. Where and When

    Minnesota State Fairgrounds Wednesday, September 25, 2019 Arrive: between 8:50 to 10:50 am Depart: between 12:30 to 2:35 pm

  4. 4th Grade Standards

    This festival is geared to fourth grade students to match the Minnesota science standards for water lessons that are part of the education benchmarks. This year's festival promises to be exciting with over 45 learning stations and interactive displays. Each participant will receive educational materials. PLEASE NOTE: Lunch will be the responsibility of school/student.

  5. Cost and Busing

    The festival is free to attend. The sponsors are paying the cost of the festival. We may be able to provide limited busing stipends on an as-needed basis if sufficient funds are available.

  6. Children's Water Festival

  7. Registration Information

    Classes are selected by lottery drawing. To register, fill out the online form below. The form must be submitted by March 15, 2019. Unfortunately, we are limited in the number of students we can accommodate so a random drawing will select classes (an equal number from each county) until we reach our capacity. Preference in the lottery will be given to schools that did not attend in the previous years and schools that have the greatest percentage of free/reduce lunch. Lottery results will be posted on the Metro Children's Water Festival Webpage. Details about the festival will be provided to the selected classes at a later date.

  8. For more information call Bart Biernat at (763) 324-4207.

  9. Indicate when your class can arrive and must depart the State Fair Grounds site:

  10. Earliest possible arrival*

  11. Latest Possible Departure*

  12. Bus Stipend

    We may be able to provide limited busing stipends on an as-needed basis if sufficient funds are available.

  13. Number of Classes in Group

  14. Teacher Name

    If the registration is for multiple 4th-grade classes, enter all relevant teacher information.

  15. Please include a summertime (school break) phone number (or principal’s office number) so that we can contact and fix any problems with the teacher or school before the big rush in September.

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