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Anoka County 2020-2025 Consolidated Plan Survey


  1. 1. Consolidated Plan Survey
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  • Consolidated Plan Survey

    1. Anoka County 2020-2025 Consolidated Plan Survey

      Anoka County is preparing its five-year Consolidated Plan. The consolidated planning process provides an opportunity for residents to provide input on housing, economic and community development needs and priorities for potential federal investments of Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) and Home Investment Partnership Program (HOME) funds. The purpose these programs are to potentially fund activities that provide decent housing, create suitable living environments and expand economic opportunities—principally for low-and moderate-income persons and neighborhoods.

      As part of this process, Anoka County is seeking your feedback to identify local housing and community development needs. This survey takes just a few minutes to complete—please rate each program or activity based on what you feel is the level of need for your community.

    2. Community Facilities

      Rank each item:
      "H" = High Need; "L" = Low Need

    3. Senior Centers

    4. Parks and Recreational facilities

    5. Fire Stations & Equipment

    6. Youth Centers

    7. Health Care Facilities

    8. Community Centers

    9. Child Care Centers

    10. Tornado Shelter for Mobile Home Parks

    11. Community Services

      Rank each item:
      "H" = High Need; "L" = Low Need

    12. Senior Activities

    13. Transportation Services

    14. Mental Health Services

    15. Youth Activities

    16. Health Services

    17. Child Care Services

    18. Anti-Crime Program

    19. Legal Services

    20. Food Banks

    21. Infrastructure

      Rank each item:
      "H" = High Need; "L" = Low Need

    22. Drainage Improvement

    23. Street/Alley Improvement

    24. Sidewalk Improvement

    25. Water/Sewer Improvement

    26. Neighborhood Services

      Rank each item:
      "H" = High Need; "L" = Low Need

    27. Trash & Debris Removal

    28. Parking Facilities

    29. Cleanup Abandoned Lots & Buildings

    30. Tree Planting

    31. Code Enforcement

    32. Special Needs Services

      Rank each item:
      "H" = High Need; "L" = Low Need

    33. Centers/Services for Disabled

    34. Substance Abuse Services

    35. Neglected/Abused Children Shelters and Services

    36. Homeless Shelter/Services

    37. HIV/AIDS Centers & Services

    38. Domestic Violence Services

    39. Business & Jobs

      Rank each item:
      "H" = High Need; "L" = Low Need

    40. Direct Business Financial Assistance

    41. Employment Training

    42. Commercial Acquisition/Disposition

    43. Small Business Technical Assistance

    44. Commercial/Industrial Rehabilitation

    45. Commercial Acquisition/Disposition

    46. Non-Residential Historic Preservation

    47. Housing

      Rank each item:
      "H" = High Need; "L" = Low Need

    48. Residential Rehabilitation

    49. Housing Counseling Services

    50. Residential Historic

    51. Homeownership Downpayment Assistance

    52. Repair Foreclosed Property

    53. Emergency Housing Payments

    54. Rental Subsidies

    55. Construction of Housing

    56. Energy Efficient

    57. Clearance/Demolition/Cleanup

    58. Lead Poisoning Screening

    59. Acquisition/Disposition of Real Property

    60. Multi-Family Rehabilitation

    61. Test/Abatement of Lead/Asbestos