Community Corrections


2100 3rd Avenue
Suite C100
Anoka, MN 55303



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Mission: Working to Build a Safer Community

General Information 


Name Title Email Phone
Warkentin, Dylan Director 763-324-4524
Rohloff, Tracy Administrative Assistant 763-324-4979

Adult Court Services 

Anoka, MN 


Name Title Email Phone
Sells, Rick Manager 763-324-4816
Paulson, Carol Supervisor 763-324-4817
Wilson, Scot Supervisor 763-324-4808

Adult Supervision 

Rum River Human Service Center
Anoka, MN 


Name Title Email Phone
Kohan, Corey Manager 763-324-4590

Workhouse - Vail Building 

Rum River Human Service Center
Anoka, MN 

2100 3rd Avenue
Suite C100
Anoka, MN 55303



Name Title Email Phone
White, Gary Administrator 763-324-4897
Devriendt, Laura Probation Officer, Alternatives to Incarceration 763-324-4595
Hanson, Matt Facility Coordinator 763-324-4883
Timpe, Andrew Training Programs Specialist / ETP 763-324-4885
Prison Rape, Elimination Act PREA Hotline Number - Adult 763-324-4886

Adult Supervision - Administration Building #13 

Rum River Human Service Center
Anoka, MN 



Name Title Email Phone
Evenson, Scott Supervisor, Traditional Unit 763-324-4853
Allen, Julie ETP Social Worker 763-324-4966
Bergstrom, Beth Probation Officer 763-324-4851
Dvoracek, Kristin Probation Officer 763-324-4962
Fasinro, Bianca Probation Officer 763-324-4537
Jacobson, Steve Probation Officer 763-324-4954
Krause, Angie Probation Officer 763-324-4975
Lehtola, Amy Probation Officer 763-324-4821
McDowell, Priscilla Probation Officer 763-324-4857
Peterson, Lisa Program Support Secretary 763-324-4623
Roehl, Ginny Probation Officer 763-324-4864
Ruotsalainen, Joel Probation Officer 763-324-4576
Smith, Kaela Probation Officer 763-324-4937
Steil, Stacy Probation Officer, ETP 763-324-4861
Sharon, Michael Supervisor, SO/DA Unit 763-324-4858
Eiynck, Terry Probation Officer 763-324-4848
Lehman, Jason Probation Officer 763-324-4819
Marshall, Kelley Probation Officer 763-324-4818
Noring, Kelly Probation Officer 763-324-4573
Odegaard, Rochelle Probation Officer 763-324-4852
Peterson, Ann Probation Officer 763-324-4811
Simi, Sue Probation Officer 763-324-4899
Withers, Bob Probation Officer 763-324-4845

Adult Supervision - Fahr Building #10 

Rum River Human Service Center
Anoka, MN 



Name Title Email Phone
Schlichtmann, John Supervisor 763-324-4815
Bendiske, Joanna Corrections Facilitator 763-324-4828
Hexum, Jennifer Program Support Secretary 763-324-4867
Jensen, Tom Probation Officer 763-324-4807
Lerom, Steve Probation Officer 763-324-4842
McDonald, Shannon Probation Officer 763-324-4806
Mueller, Scott Probation Officer 763-324-4946
Ricker, Vince Probation Officer 763-324-4849
Sparrow, Tom Probation Officer 763-324-4571
Stoll, Jeff Probation Officer 763-324-4949
Usilton, Bridget Probation Officer 763-324-4572
Young, Erin Probation Officer 763-324-4839
Weyer, Sue Supervisor, PSC 763-324-4948
Probation Service Center (PSC), PSC Reporting Line 763-324-4900
PSC Medium Supervision Team 1, PSC Medium Supervision Team 1 763-324-4905
PSC Medium Supervision Team 2, PSC Medium Supervision Team 2 763-324-4915
PSC Medium Supervision Team 3, PSC Medium Supervision Team 3 763-324-4925

Juvenile Field & Court Services 

Anoka County Courthouse
Anoka, MN 



Name Title Email Phone
Sells, Rick Manager 763-324-4816
Bloomenrader, Beth Supervisor 763-324-4894
Evers, Mary Diversion/Intern Coordinator 763-324-4895
Hammes, Sarah Probation Officer 763-324-4961
Hanson, Carrie Probation Officer 763-324-4901
Jacobson, Callie Probation Officer 763-324-4938
Karnowski, Erin Probation Officer 763-324-4529
McCollor, Cary Probation Officer 763-324-4553
McHugo, Lisa Probation Officer 763-324-4902
Nandalall, Geeta Probation Officer 763-324-4508
O'Sell, Vicky Probation Officer 763-324-4875
Schmidt, Joshua Probation Officer 763-324-4643
Sabo, Kelly Probation Officer 763-324-4935
Sproessig, Cheryl Probation Officer 763-324-4825
Thomas, Lisa Probation Officer 763-324-4898
Thorstenson, Kelly Probation Officer 763-324-4953

Juvenile Center Campus 

Lino Lakes, MN 



Name Title Email Phone
Benjamin, Todd Superintendent 763-324-4823
Emmel, John Anoka County Secure-Supervisor 763-324-4824
Gustafson, Kari Anoka County Secure-Treatment Coordinator 763-324-4977
Peick, Tom Anoka County Secure-Program Coordinator 763-324-4647
Kouri, Mike Regional Juvenile Center-Supervisor 763-324-4931
Johnson, Derrick Regional Juvenile Center-Treatment Coordinator 763-324-4939
Parker, Nate Non-Secure Program-Supervisor 763-324-4919
Gross, John Non-Secure Program-Treatment Coordinator 763-324-4577
Prison Rape, Elimination Act PREA Hotline Number - Juvenile 763-324-4887

Community Work Service