Cross Country Ski Trails & Conditions

Trail Grooming

Rental Equipment

Rentals will be offered at the following locations as weather permits:

Bunker Hills Campground Visitor Center
Monday-Wednesday, 12:00-4:00pm
Thursday-Sunday, 9:00 am-4:00 pm

Coon Rapids Dam Visitor Center - Saturday & Sunday, 9:00 am-4:00 pm

It is recommended that you call prior to arrival to ensure rental equipment is available due to trail conditions.

Condition Update

Trail conditions will be updated as consistently as possible when new information is available. 

Trail Grooming Information

It typically takes trail groomers 4 days to go through the entire trail system. After a fresh snowfall, 2 days are needed to pack and roll trails and another 2 days to groom and set track. Trails locations are address in the following priorities: Bunker Hills Regional Park (Park, Golf Course, Skijor), Coon Rapids Dam Regional Park, Chomonix Golf Course, and finally Rum River Central.


Today Bunker Park, Golf Course, and Skijor, along with CRD, will be combed and tracked. We expect excellent conditions throughout.

Updated: 1/21/20, 7:27 am
Location Skate Ski Condition Classic Ski Condition Last Groomed Trail Comments
Rum River Central Regional Park Good Good 1/19/20  
Chomonix Golf Course Good Good 1/19/20  
Rice Creek North Prairie Loop
​(Behind Lino Lakes YMCA,
near Chomonix Golf Course)
Good Good 1/19/20  
Bunker Hills Regional Park Excellent Excellent 1/21/20  
Bunker Hills Golf Course Excellent Excellent 1/21/20  
Bunker Hills Skijor Excellent Excellent 1/21/20  
Coon Rapids Dam Regional Park Excellent Excellent 1/21/20