Wildlife Outreach

Wildlife Outreach Bison

The Wildlife Outreach program is provided free to local schools and provides presentations on MN animals in an informal and fun manner. The Wildlife Outreach Program is conducted by staff naturalists at various school sites in the northern metro area. School groups choose a topic from a list of ten possible MN animals to augment their curriculum. The presentations are approximately 45 minutes each and focus on the animal's habitat, adaptations and conservation issues. Artifacts such as furs, bones, mounts, and costumes are used to bring the animals to life. Each student takes home a brochure that covers key points of the presentation.

The Wildlife Outreach Program takes place during the winter months of the school year. Animal topics are periodically changed and updated to reflect the current interests of students and current events. Thanks to the continued support from Connexus Energy, over 25,000 students are able to participate in this free program annually.