Summer Camps Go Virtual

Summer camps for the 2020 season are happening - virtually!
Thanks to a new grant from Connexus Energy, all virtual camps are FREE. 

Register online for your FREE virtual summer camp.

Registration is limited. The first to register will be virtual campers, the remaining kids to register will get to be a camp in a box camper.

Virtual Camp Information{collapse}

  1. What is a virtual day camp?

    Our free Virtual Day Camps are a great way for campers to experience the fun and excitement of our normal Summer Day Camp programs from the safety of their own home! Most of our regular day camps will be back – just in a virtual form. We will be providing campers with a sense of community, consistency, and the ability to make new friends. Naturalists will start off each day with a check in with campers, have some fun group activities to do, and orient the campers to the wonderful variety of activities they have planned for that day. Campers are then free to engage in these activities at their own pace, in their own home. Most camps will have a group closing session each day to check in, engage in some great group activities, share successes, fun, and the plan for the next day.

  2. What are the times and days?

    Virtual Summer Day Camps operate Monday through Thursday, 9 am to 12 pm.

  3. What is a camp in a box?

    Thanks to a generous donation from Connexus Energy, we can provide free camp supplies for a limited number of campers. Each box will include a camp t-shirt and supplies that are specific to that camp. You might find a tracking book, a magnifier, tie-dye supplies, or plaster of paris. Each camp will be different but each box will be free!

    How do I get a camp in a box?

    We will have pick up times available at the nature center, with physical distancing guidelines in place. Supplies will be disinfected and safe for use. 

  4. How do I participate?

    You need to register at  Space is limited.  You will also need a valid parent/guardian email address that is checked regularly. Links and passwords will be sent to parents.  Campers will also need a laptop or a desktop but a tablet/phone will work as well, and a working webcam, microphone, and stable Wi-Fi.

    What if we don’t have access to a computer or the internet?

    We can provide all the activities that the campers will do in a paper format.  Campers will then be able to participate at their own pace throughout the summer. 

    What are you doing about internet security? 

    The platform we will be using (Zoom) will have the added layer of password protection to ensure that no one is participating that shouldn’t be. Naturalists have attended various webinars  as part of taking on this new “virtual” role which included internet safety,  understanding how to safely communicate and interact with our campers with specific emphasis on counseling with the “Rule of 3” so that no staff is ever alone with a camper, even virtually.  Our counselors will also be monitoring all programming for cyber bullying, recognizing that increased exposure to the internet means increased risk.  If you have any specific concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out. 

  5. How will you keep the campers engaged?

    Virtual Summer Day Camp will follow a normal camp experience as closely as possible, including lots of fun engagement with staff, other campers and activities.

    Sample Daily Schedule 

    8:50- 9:05 - Zoom Check-in and Games
    9:05- 9:30 - Morning meeting, including overview of the day.
    9:30- 10:00 - Activity Demonstration Live
    10:00-11:30 - Offline Self Guided Activity Time (Naturalists will be available to help)
    11:30-Noon - Wrap-up on Zoom

    Our naturalists are all college educated and trained educators. They love working with children and do it extremely well!

  6. How are recreation camps different?

    Recreation camps will be a little different from our virtual camps.  Day 1 will be virtual, including welcome activities and orientation for the rest of the week.  On Days 2-4, campers will participate in in-person small group water-based activities such as kayaking and canoeing.  All supplies will be disinfected, social distancing will be enforced, and campers will be health screened each day before participating. 

    Recreation camps will run from 1 - 4 pm.