About Us

The mission of the Anoka County Attorney's Office is to pursue justice, advocate for citizens' rights, and lead the community by focusing on crime prevention and fair governance.

As the Anoka County Attorney, I lead the office to:

  • Prosecute adult felony crimes that occur within the county
  • Prosecute juvenile offenses that occur within the county
  • Provide legal counsel to the County Board of Commissioners and County departments
  • Initiate legal actions to protect abused and neglected children and vulnerable adults, assist in child support enforcement, and handle mental health commitments, including sexually dangerous persons.
  • Provide crime prevention initiatives that help create a healthy and safe community.

Our office will prosecute cases aggressively and strategically, to best protect the community and to maintain public safety.

As legal advisor for the Anoka County Board of Commissioners, county officials, and county departments, our office aids policy makers as they determine how to make investments in highways, parks, libraries, human services, law enforcement, and other county initiatives.

On behalf of the staff in the Anoka County Attorney's Office, thank you for the opportunity to serve you and make our community safer.


Tony Palumbo
Anoka County Attorney