AmeriCorps Seniors RSVP - Retired and Senior Volunteer Program 

Property Tax Assistance -Updated 9.1.2021

The 2021 Property Tax Assistance Program provided virtually by RSVP volunteers ended on August 13, 2021.

The MN Department of Revenue allows you to file up to one year after the due date, therefore: 

  • The deadline to file your 2019 property tax refund was August 15, 2021. 
  • To receive your 2020 property tax refund, you must file the 2020 M1PR form by August 15, 2022. 

 Additional resources available to complete income and/or property tax, M1PR forms:

In 2021, RSVP volunteers in collaboration with AARP assisted 1,254 clients virtually with income, property and mobile home tax forms which resulted in $1.3 million in returns to the community.

John's Story

Business man

*John, an RSVP property tax volunteer, spent 2 hours coaching *Mary to complete her property tax refund, M1PR form through the RSVP virtual Property Tax Assistance Program.

In past years, Mary, and her husband *James attended an AARP/RSVP community tax site. James had recently passed away. He had always been the one to handle all of the financial matters including gathering tax information. Mary struggled to figure out what forms she needed to look for, let alone understand the information on them.  John was able to help her complete her M1PR, property tax form. He also noticed that she would benefit from filing federal income taxes to receive a refund for tax withholdings from her Social Security income. Mary was thrilled with the attentive service and relieved to receive a property tax refund! 

*Indicates names have been changed to protect identities.

By joining RSVP, you become part of a National movement of thousands of volunteers responding to critical community needs. 

Anoka County RSVP connects people age 55 and over who want to volunteer with non-profit and social service programs in Anoka County.

Enroll and Volunteer

To enroll call Tricia Lehti at 763-324-1661, download and mail the volunteer application or submit electronically. After completing the application and skills and interests checklist, RSVP matches you with community needs. You are provided position descriptions for each matched opportunity and you choose which opportunities to pursue. There are even volunteer time sheets available for download, so you can keep track of your volunteer work time.

For more information contact us at 763-324-1661

Examples of RSVP Volunteer Opportunities

Become a Tax Aide Volunteer

Help senior citizens or low income and disadvantaged citizens in the Anoka County area fill out their income tax, property, or mobile home tax returns. Training is provided. No prior experience necessary. Training sessions held in the Spring have been postponed until further notice. For more information contact Tricia at 763-324-1661.

Volunteer Transportation

Consider making a difference by driving seniors and veterans to and from medical appointments.

Fight Hunger

Invest time with your local food shelf in providing emergency food or clothing to people in need. RSVP volunteers serve at ACBC in Anoka, Salvation Army in Blaine, NACE Inc. in East Bethel and SACA in Columbia Heights.

Become a Companionship Volunteer

RSVP volunteers provide companionship for family caregivers. Volunteers socialize, play cards, games, share a movie or listen to music with the caregiver’s loved one while the caregiver receives respite.

Tutor Adult Learners

Share your love of reading and skill-building with others at Metro North Adult Basic Education. Tutors receive training to work with adults needing help with basic reading and English as a Second Language. Sites located in Blaine, Columbia Heights, and Oak Grove.

Stepping Stone Emergency Housing

Volunteers are needed in the following areas; front desk, reception, presenters (share a skill), food pick up, and handyman.

Indoors & Outdoors

Local nature centers seek volunteers to assist with special events, program set-ups, newsletters and office tasks.

Volunteer From Home

Volunteer to take grocery orders for clients and enter them online. Computer needed. Training provided.

Become an Anoka County Ambassador!

The Anoka County Courthouse Ambassador is seeking a welcoming, patient and outgoing volunteer to help others with a smile. The Ambassador will serve as the first point of contact for our diverse population. He/she will help direct the flow of traffic during high volume court calendars and courthouse remodel project. This position includes walking, standing and going up and down stairs in escorting constituents to their desired location if needed. In addition, the ambassador may assist in transcribing responses to court forms for litigants that are unable to write in English. The Anoka County Ambassador is a representative of the court and county; and their presence will help promote safety and efficiency as well as create a positive and welcoming environment for constituents. Shifts are available Monday through Thursday from 8 A.M. -10 A.M. or 12:30 P.M. - 2 P.M. Training, orientation and on-going assistance will be provided. Volunteers will sign a confidentiality agreement and must pass a background check.