Family Child Care Licensing

  1. Child Care Locator

    Find licensed family child care in Anoka County

  2. For Applicants

    View detailed information on how to become licensed, licensing fees, rates, rules, regulations, safety information, and much more.

  3. For Parents

    Look up child care information and make an informed decision on how to care for your child.

  4. For Providers

    Look up information directed to child care providers.

  5. Forms

    A list of forms that Anoka County Child Care Providers frequently use.

  6. About the Licensing Process

    An overview of the licensing process to become a family child care provider.

  7. Child Care Assistance

    Anoka County Child Care Assistance web site

  8. Parent Evaluation Form

  9. Reportable Infectious Disease

  10. Rules & Regulations

    As identified in MN Legislation

  11. Training Requirements & Resources

    Learn training information and view training resources.