Adult Court Services

Anoka County Community Corrections provides services for the court.

Interviews and Investigations

Pre-Sentence Investigation (PSI)  
The investigation unit provides services to the court including pre-sentence investigation reports, alcohol problem assessments, risk needs assessments, short-form background investigations for domestic abuse and other misdemeanor offenses, felony diversion assessments, and in some cases drug/alcohol testing. Probation officers also do record checks, appear in court for probation violation hearings, and monitor compliance on specific conditions.
Chemical Health Assessment 
Offenders may be court-ordered to provide a chemical health assessment. If you are eligible, the State of Minnesota will pay for you to have a chemical dependency evaluation and assessor recommended treatment.

If you have private health insurance or a Managed Care plan through Medical Assistance (such as HealthPartners or UCare), please contact your health insurance provider for coverage information and appointments.

Download the Chemical Health Assessment (Rule 25) application form for more information. 

Community Work Service (CWS)

Offenders are referred to public and private non-profit agencies to complete community work service to make a positive contribution to the community. Corrections verifies completion of CWS hours imposed by the court.

Anoka County Veterans Treatment Court

The Anoka County Veterans Treatment Court (VTC) was developed to help participants achieve total abstinence from drugs and/or alcohol, be diverted from prison or jail, and to have a more satisfying law-abiding life. The VTC is designed to reduce re-arrests, promote self-sufficiency through employment and education, and to help participants remain in the community as productive and responsible members of society. VTC is a voluntary program. Download the Veterans Treatment Court Handbook for more information.
Family Court Services

The Family Court unit provides custody evaluations when parents do not agree about permanent physical custody of their child(ren). Parents and children (age four and above) are interviewed, home visits are conducted, professional collateral information is gathered and psychological testing of adults are routine. There is a sliding fee scale if parents financially qualify for services. Professional and objective services are provided to assist the court with difficult decisions regarding custody of children.