East Central Regional Juvenile Center

The East Central Regional Juvenile Center (RJC) is a 36-bed maximum-security facility, serving males and females, 10 to 18 years old, who have committed delinquent acts.

Our Purpose

To protect the community while providing youth with opportunities to change. 

Programs & Services

  • Detention, Court Detention & Waiting Placement
  • Weekend & 10/5 Program
  • Short Term Program (30/15, 60/30 & 90/60 Day)
  • 50/30 Stabilization Transition Program
  • 70/90 New Choice Chemical Dependency
  • 21 Day Diagnostic Assessment Program
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Per Diem Rates

RJC Member County
Non-Member County

Beds Available

For bed availability at the Non-Secure Program, Anoka County Secure, or the East Central Regional Juvenile Center, please contact us at 763-324-4990. We have placement openings along with programming opportunities for your county's needs. 

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Looking for Non-Secure placement options including Short Term, Long Term, or Outpatient Sex Specific programs?

Anoka County Non-Secure Program

Other Secure program options are also available including Long Term Group Residential and Sex Specific Programming.

Anoka County Secure Program