The Anoka County Sheriff's Office provides a wide variety of services to all residents and communities in the county as well as specific, contracted services to some municipalities.


The Sheriff's Office is responsible for:

  • The Anoka County Jail, which is the primary intake and booking facility for all county law enforcement agencies
  • Service of legal court documents, such as domestic abuse orders for protection and orders for seizure
  • Investigation of felony-level crimes not assumed by local police departments
  • Law enforcement training to all police agencies in the county
  • Crime lab services, and many other services

Primary Law Enforcement

The Sheriff's Office is also the primary law enforcement agency for Andover, Bethel, Nowthen, Columbus, East Bethel, Ham Lake, Linwood Township, and Oak Grove. For these municipalities, the Sheriff's Office is responsible for:

  • Response to 911 citizen requests for service related to accidents, misdemeanor and felony-level crimes, traffic complaints, and domestic disputes
  • Community policing services such as Neighborhood Watch, Operation ID, and victim services.