Stakeholder Involvement

Noise Barrier Engagement

Per federal requirements, a noise barrier analysis was completed in September 2021, in which noise barriers met thresholds in a few locations. A virtual office hour was held in August 2021 to discuss and answer questions on the barrier process and potential locations.

Following the completion of the analysis, a formal noise barrier meeting was held with benefitting receptors on October 14, 2021. The purpose of this meeting was to present the proposed barrier locations and explain the noise wall approval voting process. You can review the presentation in both English and Spanish.

Agency & Property Owner Coordination Meetings

Meetings and ongoing communication with agencies and property owners directly impacted by the project will lead the design process, discussing potential right-of-way impacts and coordination needs.

View the summary of the feedback received from the business & property owner meetings:

Presentations and Council Meetings

The team will update the Ramsey City Council at key project milestones.

Public Open Houses

Four public open houses will be held during the project. The first two were held in February and May of 2021 (see the open house materials and summaries below). The third open house in early 2022 will share the preliminary project layout and construction staging plan. A fourth and final open house will be held in early 2023 to present the final construction staging plan, expectations, and schedule.

May 2021 Virtual Open House

February 2021 Open House Materials

Community Events

The project team will be present at the following community events. Watch for information shared and feedback collected.

Project Mailings

Direct-mail postcards will be sent out to stakeholders prior to each public open house.

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