CSAH 7 (7th Avenue) Mill & Overlay - Buchanan Street to 600' North of 38th Lane, City of Anoka

Project Background / Description
Starting in the year 2022, US 10 in the Cities of Anoka and Ramsey will be receiving significant upgrades that will require the adjacent roadway network to absorb an influx of traffic that will be detoured around the construction. It is anticipated that CSAH 7 (7th Avenue) will be one of the routes that will need to bear the brunt of this additional traffic. Initially, CSAH 7 was to be reconstructed and widened starting north of Garfield Street to CSAH 116 (Bunker Lake Boulevard). However, due to anticipated funding cuts associated with the Covid-19 pandemic, the scope of the project is being reduced to a pavement preservation plan, to extend the life of the pavement beyond the completion of the adjacent US 10 work.

With the advanced timeline to construct prior to the HWY 10 construction starting in 2022, the CSAH 7 project will now consist of a Mill & Overlay to meet the deadline for completion of work by the end of 2021. No widening or geometric changes will take place at this time. After the completion of the US 10 project in 2025, the CSAH 7 corridor will be re-evaluated for future design improvements and infrastructure needs.

° Final Design - Fall 2020
° Edge Mill & Overlay - Summer 2021

Layout – 08/19/20

Project Contacts
If you have any questions about the proposed project or would like to comment on any aspect of the project, please contact either of the representatives below:

Nicholas Dobda, Senior Engineer
763-324-3118; Email

Jeff Foster, Design Technician
763-324-3126; Email

Daniel Frey, Design Engineer
763-324-3123; Email