Prescription Drug Resources

Do you take prescription drugs? Does your health plan cover prescription drugs? The programs listed here offer free or discount programs for people with low or modest income. You must meet the program’s eligibility requirements to qualify.

Program Directories

Search for programs you may qualify with these directories.


This website helps you determine if you qualify for any government or private programs that provide lower-cost prescription drugs. This service is provided by the National Council on Aging. View your options at BenefitsCheckUp

Medical Assistance Tool

Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA) created the Medicine Assistance Tool (MAT) to provide a dedicated search engine that allows users to search for financial assistance resources available to them, their loved ones or patients in their lives through the various biopharmaceutical industry programs available for patients who are eligible. View your options on the Medical Assistance Tool.


RxOutreach provides prescription drugs to people who are uninsured and to people who have limited prescription drug coverage. It is a fully-licensed mail order pharmacy offering lower prices for over 400 medications. Prescriptions are mailed to your home. There is an income limit to qualify. View your options on RXOutreach.

Federal and State

Medicare Part D 

Medicare approves companies to sell Medicare Part D prescription coverage to Medicare enrollees. The Medicare web site lists plans for your area. These plans must cover certain drugs. Be sure the plans you are considering cover your specific drugs. Enrollees pay a premium to the health plan providing this prescription coverage. Medicare enrollees need to sign up within a certain time period of being eligible or must pay a late penalty the rest of the time they are enrolled.

Low income enrollees may be eligible to receive help paying for their Medicare Part D prescription coverage. This assistance is called Extra Help or Low Income Subsidy (LIS). You may qualify for the full subsidy or partial subsidy depending on your income and assets. With a full subsidy you do not pay a deductible and you have lower co-pays for your prescriptions. Depending on the plan you choose you may have no premium. With a partial subsidy, the deductible is lower, the co-pays are lower, and the premium you pay is lower.

Medicare website

Minnesota Senior LinkAge

State Health Programs

State health programs. Medical assistance (MA) and MinnesotaCare® cover prescription drugs. You may have co-pays. You must meet income and asset requirements. Contact your county human services agency. See the state health program

Manufacturer Programs

Sanofi Patient

Sanofi Patient Connection® can provide certain Sanofi prescription medications at no cost if you meet program eligibility requirements. This component of the program is made possible through Sanofi Cares North America. Learn more about Sanofi Patient here. 


The Novo Nordisk Patient Assistance Program (PAP) is our continued commitment to people living with diabetes and the Novo Nordisk Triple Bottom Line. The Diabetes PAP provides free medicine to those who qualify. If approved, a free 120-day supply of medicine will be sent to the prescribing health care providers’ office to be picked up at the patient's convenience. Learn more about Novo here.

Eli Lilly 

Lilly Cares has helped millions of patients in the United States obtain the Lilly medications they needed in the areas of mental health, diabetes, growth hormone disorders, men's health, osteoporosis, oncology, psoriasis, rheumatology, and migraine prevention through our patient assistance program. Learn more about Lilly Cares here.