School attendance is mandatory in the state of Minnesota in order to make certain all children acquire the necessary skills for success as adults.

Studies show a direct link between truancy and a child having problems, including criminal activity. Truant students often place themselves in situations that could affect their future, including difficulty finding and holding a job. By addressing truancy, we can improve the lives of our children and increase the likelihood that they will be productive members of society. That is why the Anoka County Attorney’s Office has established the Truancy Intervention Program (TIP).

The County Attorney’s Office works collaboratively with school officials, law enforcement, corrections and social services to intervene early in the truancy cycle. TIP empowers schools, families and the community to fight truancy, increase attendance and decrease daytime crime.

The focus of the TIP is to get truants off the streets, in school, and out of juvenile court. It gives kids a better chance at life and benefits all of us as a community.


  • Anoka County Attorney's Office Truancy Program Coordinator: 763-324-5413
  • Anoka County Attorney's Office, front desk: 763-324-5550
  • Anoka County Juvenile Corrections: 763-324-4810 or email
  1. Program overview
  2. TIP meetings
  3. Attendance laws
  4. For families
  5. For schools
  • At three unexcused absences, schools are required to send a three-day notification letter home regarding truancy. The school is required to make efforts to resolve attendance issues with the family. At six unexcused absences, the school is required to submit a referral to the Anoka County Attorney's Office.  
  • When the school reports to the Attorney's Office at six unexcused absences, each truancy referral will be reviewed to determine if a student is eligible for the intervention program. If eligible, the Attorney's Office will send a letter to parent(s) inviting them and their student to attend a Truancy Intervention Program (TIP) meeting. At this meeting, an Attorney's Office representative will explain attendance laws and consequences of continued unexcused absences and the benefit of education.
  • If unexcused absences continue after the TIP meeting, the school is required to make a second report to the Attorney's Office. A minimum of nine unexcused absences is required for the student to be referred to Anoka County Juvenile Corrections. Corrections will send a letter to parent(s) notifying that Corrections is now monitoring the student’s attendance. If unexcused absences continue, Corrections will send a letter inviting the parent(s) and child to attend a Diversion Hearing. Historically, a probation officer, student, parent(s) and school official attend this hearing. An evaluation is completed, and goals are set to address the unexcused absences. At this time, the student is under a signed contract and the probation officer will have contact with the school to monitor attendance.
  • Juvenile Corrections will refer a student back to the Attorney's Office for petition if unexcused absences continue after the diversion hearing.
  • At this time, the Attorney's Office will file a petition with the courts. The student must have a minimum of 14 unexcused absences to be formally petitioned. Once a student is petitioned, parent(s) will receive a Notice of Hearing notifying of their child's court date. 

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