CSAH 116 (Bunker Lake Boulevard) at Trunk Highway 47

The CSAH 116 (Bunker Lake Boulevard) and Trunk Highway 47 (St Francis Boulevard) intersection is located at the junction of the Cities of Anoka and Ramsey. These roads facilitate both regional and local travel. CSAH 116 is an A Minor Reliever to Hwy 10 to the south; Trunk Highway 47 (TH 47) is an A Minor Connector, which transitions to a Principal Arterial at the Highway 10/169 interchange to the south.

Project Background / Description
This project will increase intersection capacity by providing additional travel and turn lanes. Additional left turn lanes will better accommodate turns from TH 47 onto CSAH 116 and will reduce queuing in thru-lanes due to left turning vehicles. Lengthening turn lanes will reduce queue lengths and increase safety on both roadways by removing vehicles waiting to turn from thru-lanes. Turn lane improvements will include extending the CSAH 116 westbound right turn lane across the CSAH 116 bridge.

The proposed improvements, including the addition of left-turn lanes to the CSAH 116 and TH 47 intersection, will increase capacity by better accommodating all traffic, left-turns in particular. The project will also widen the bridge on CSAH 116 that crosses an oxbow of the Rum River to the east of TH 47; the bridge will accommodate a turn lane on westbound CSAH 116 for vehicles turning north onto TH 47.

Improvements include construction of a portion of trail along CSAH 116, which will be part of the Central Anoka Regional Trail alignment. Construction of this portion of trail will close an identified gap in Anoka County’s trail network, as documented in the County’s Draft 2040 Transportation Plan.

CSAH 116 is a 50 M.P.H. A-Minor Reliever, with an average annual daily traffic volume of approximately 12,800; traffic is expected to increase to nearly 24,000 vehicles per day by 2040.


Below is an overview of the project schedule identifying key milestones in the process:

* Preliminary Design – Summer/Fall 2019
* Open House – November 7, 2019
* Final Design – Spring/Summer 2020
* Construction – Spring/Summer 2021

Public Involvement/Meetings 
Various stakeholders, ranging from permitting agencies (i.e., Mn/DNR, MnDOT, Watershed Districts, etc.) to residents and property owners living or working along or near the roadway, have an interest in the development of the roadway project. The County recognizes that these interests vary in perspective. The County will use information provided by the various stakeholders when making decisions on final improvements. There are a number of activities that will occur throughout the design process that will allow for input from the various stakeholders. Agency and public involvement activities will include:

* Technical Advisory Committee Meetings (technical staff from the County and City)
* Agency Coordination Meetings (technical staff from local, regional, state and federal agencies)
* Presentations at City Council Meetings (Anoka, Ramsey)
* Public Information Meetings (residents, property owners and road users)

These activities will be scheduled throughout the project’s development. More information regarding the various activities is included below.

Technical Advisory Committee Meetings
Anoka County assembled a Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) to provide input and feedback on the proposed project. Members of the TAC include staff from Anoka County, MnDOT, City of Anoka, City of Ramsey, and various consultants that gather information essential to the design. The TAC meets regularly to discuss various aspects of this project. TAC members exchange technical and political information on the project between the governmental stakeholders, report information to their various councils and/or boards and provide directives for action during the project’s development.

Agency Coordination Meetings
Throughout the project development process, various agencies will have concerns regarding resources that may be impacted due to the project. Staff from Anoka County and the Cities of Anoka and Ramsey will meet with the individual agencies throughout the project development to gain an understanding of their concerns and work through possible mitigation strategies or design improvements necessary to reach a consensus.

Presentations at Council Meetings
Anoka County Staff will present project information at city council meetings and/or workshops to educate and solicit input from elected officials about the proposed project.

Public Information Meetings
From the beginning of the project through its conclusion, the Anoka County Highway Department will provide informational materials and maps at Public Information Meetings. In addition, this website will also contain announcements of upcoming meetings.

Open House #1
Thursday, November 7, 2019, 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM
Anoka High School - Main Lobby
3939 N 7th Avenue, Anoka, MN 55303
CSAH 116 at TH 47

Current Layout (PDF) - Updated 03/26/2020

Project Contacts
If you have any questions about the proposed project or would like to comment on any aspect of the project, please contact either of the representatives below:

Jorge Bernal, Design Engineer
763-324-3185; Email

Nicholas Dobda, Design Engineering Supervisor
763-324-3118; Email