Commute Solution's Transit Tours

Transit Tours Postponed

Have you ever wanted to try the Northstar Train, Light Rail, or Bus Route but didn’t know where to start? 

Our Transit Tours are a great opportunity to help you feel comfortable using different transportation options! 

Commute Solutions will be offering a FREE Transit Tour each month. Staff will take a group of people to a fun place throughout the Metro Region to help educate riders on how to take different transportation. 

You’ll get a free ride pass and free admission into the destination we go to.

  1. February Transit Tour
  2. March Transit Tour
  3. April Transit Tour

February Transit Tour

Saturday, February 29 from 10 am to 7:30 pm

MN Science Museum

Please Note: Registration is Mandatory!! 

Event is Kid Friendly. Limit 50 Participants on a first come, first serve basis.

Questions? Call Commute Solutions at 763-324-3240