Internet Public Use Policy

Anoka County Library’s mission includes the provision of reliable and easily accessible information to the community. The Library collects a variety of materials to make such information available and affirms that useful and reliable information is available on the Internet. Anoka County Library provides access to the Internet at all library locations; the electronic resources found on the Internet augment traditional library collections.

Because of the transient nature of the Internet, the Library is unable to apply traditional selection criteria to resources and sites found on the Internet. The Library recognizes that not all Internet sites are suitable for all library users, and some sites may contain misleading, inaccurate, controversial, or offensive information or graphics.

Anoka County Library, in compliance with the federal Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA), applies a technology protection measure, commonly referred to as a filter. CIPA was designed by Congress to enforce Internet safety by protecting against access to visual depictions of child pornography, obscenity, and material harmful to minors. No filter product is perfect, however, nor are they capable of keeping every harmful or offensive Internet site from computer screens. The library’s use of filters does not change parental responsibility to monitor their children’s Internet use. Adult users, defined here as age 17 or older, as required by the law, may request and receive non-filtered Internet access.

Disclaimer: The Library affirms the right of every individual to have access to constitutionally protected material on the Internet and supports library users’ rights to privacy and confidentiality in accordance with the Minnesota Government Data Practices Act. Anoka County Library also complies with state laws and regulations including those governing obscenity, child pornography, and materials harmful to minors (including but not limited to Minnesota Statutes sections 134.50, 617.241, 617.245, 617.291, 617.292, and 617.293).

Anoka County Library is not liable for any direct, indirect, or consequential damages related to the use of online information transmitted or accessed through the Library’s Internet connection.

Guidelines for Internet Use:

The Library affirms the right of every individual to access constitutionally protected material on the Internet. The Library also supports the right to privacy and confidentiality of library users in accordance with the Minnesota Government Data Practices Act.

Parents and their children are encouraged to read various publications on safe use of the Internet. The Library has provided links to current sites regarding children and safe use of the Internet on its webpages, and staff can help parents find additional information. Parents must work with their children to understand what is inappropriate behavior and material. In doing so, they help to assure the safety and security of minor children when using the Internet and other forms of electronic resources or communications.

All library users should understand that unlawful conduct is not allowed at the Library. Unlawful conduct in relation to the Internet includes “hacking” and other unauthorized access to electronic resources, unauthorized disclosure, use and dissemination of personal information about minors, behaviors which endanger safety of self or others or the security of data, and actions which violate copyright laws.

Computer Users at ACL may not:

  • Display or print obscenity, child pornography, or material harmful to minors in text or graphic format.
  • Act to degrade, alter, or disrupt equipment or system performance.

Anoka County Library is not an Internet Service Provider (ISP) and does not provide email accounts. Email accounts may be set up through other websites. The Library does not assure the security of such accounts and will not support them or advise users. Those who choose to use sites for financial transactions or other confidential matters do so at their own risk.

Internet workstations are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Please see staff at individual libraries for details.

Failure to Comply: 

Failure to comply with these guidelines will result in a request for the activity to stop. If the user does not stop, he will be asked to leave the building. If the user refuses to leave, the police will be called. 

Library staff is authorized to monitor use of Library resources and to take prompt and appropriate actions to enforce these policies and to prohibit use by persons who fail to comply with these policies.

These guidelines and the consequences of failing to comply will be posted at Internet computers in each building.


This policy is reviewed every four (4) years by the Library Director (or designee) who makes recommendations to the Library Board Policy Committee.  The Committee reviews and revises as necessary, endorses and advances to the full Library Board for approval.

Policy History
Date Approved: 2015
Next Review Date: April 2019