Lending Policy

Purpose of access

Library materials are available for free access to all visitors of Anoka County Library. As per Minnesota Statute 134.001, Subdivision 2, patrons who are eligible for, or possess a valid Anoka County Library card, may check out library materials free of charge, restricted only by necessary circulation rules. Minnesota residents have free access to the Library’s collection with a valid library card.

Access to services

Anoka County Library has the responsibility to serve all the residents of its community. The Library strives to make its limited collection, resources, and services freely accessible and fill the educational, recreational, cultural and informational needs of our patrons. It hereby adopts the philosophy that a public library will not abridge what an individual may read, see or hear. All materials will be accessible to the public, subject to circulation rules adopted by the Library Board. No rule will be established which would allow preferential use of library materials for any group or class of user or which limits the use of materials by any group or class of users.

Interlibrary loan

Materials not owned by the Library will be promptly requested from other libraries through state and national library sources. The Library will seek to broaden these sources through agreements with other libraries and groups of libraries.

Use of unowned materials

The Library will not permanently house material owned by others. It may use those materials for exhibits or under the terms of a specific contract to gain access to material which would benefit the general public.

Definition of collection

The Library collection may include materials in print, non print or electronic format. The collection is defined as: all items of material acquired for Library purposes by purchase, gift, lease or long term loan and for which the Library acquires the rights of access and/or ownership.

Children's reading

The responsibility for the selection of material by and for children from the Library rests with their parents or guardians. Parents and guardians are encouraged to help their children explore materials and resources and to guide those selections according to their individual values. Materials and resources in the library will not be restricted by the possibility that they may come into the possession of children.


This policy is reviewed every four (4) years by the Library Director (or designee) who makes recommendations to the Library Board Policy Committee.  The Committee reviews and revises as necessary, endorses and advances to the full Library Board for approval.

Policy History
Date Approved: 2019
Next Review Date: April 2021