125th Avenue (CSAH 14) between Lexington Avenue and Opal Street Improvement Project

Project Background/Description
CSAH 14 (Main Street) serves as a critical east-west arterial throughway, connecting locations within Anoka County from Highway 10 in the West to Interstate 35 in the East and cities beyond.

Anoka County received Federal Pavement Preservation funding for the section of CSAH 14 (Main Street) between Lexington Avenue and Opal Street, in the City of Blaine. Surfacing improvements to this section of Main Street are geared towards improving the safe and efficient movement for vehicles traveling East and West across Anoka County from Highway 10 to I-35W.

CSAH 14 (Main Street) is an east/west two-lane undivided rural roadway. Main Street is a 55-mph zone and has a road classification of Principle Arterial. Project will construct a 10-ton two-lane divided roadway with shoulders.  This project will match the west end with a raised median, left and right turn lanes and a signal at Lever Street.  The signal will be added at Lever Street to tie into the City of Blaine’s Lever Street project.

This segment of Main Street currently averages approximately 11,600 vehicles per day and provides a critical connection route across Anoka County.

Construction Schedule:  June, 2019 thru August, 2019

Current Layout (PDF)

Project Contacts
If you have any questions about the project, or would like to comment on any aspect of the project, please contact:

Harry Grams, Construction Engineering Supervisor
763-324-3114 or Email