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Compost Bin Sale

Jump start your spring gardening efforts!  Learn more.

Anoka County Organics Drop-off Program

Be a part of the Anoka County Organics Drop-off Program.  Read more about it and sign-up here.

Anoka County compost sites open warm weather hours

Anoka County compost sites are now open more hours to collect yard waste and organics (food & non-recyclable paper) April - November.  View hours, directions and fees here.

County Facility Locations and Hours

Prescription Drug Disposal

Safely dispose of unused prescription drugs.  Learn more about the Anoka County Sheriff's Office Prescription Drug Take Back Program.


  • Reusing Household Items - Give the things around your home a second life. We have a few ideas to get you thinking. Plus, they're great projects for kids!
  • Recycling: Then and Now - Learn how recycling has changed over the years, how recyclables are sorted and what items/products are made using recycled materials.
  • Pigs Aren't Picky - Leftover school lunches become a feast fit for a pig! See how this unique partnership between schools and farmers is saving our resources one tray at a time. 


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