Anoka County SHIP's healthcare strategy works to create better health in the community together by linking clinics to community organizations and resources. 

SHIP promotes a system of screening individuals entering a healthcare setting, offering advice and counseling, and referring to evidence-based programs. This referral will lead to increased access to evidence-based community programs, many of which are free or low cost to the participants.

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Healthcare Partners

Anoka County SHIP has partnered with clinics throughout the county to implement the Screen, Counsel, Refer, Follow-Up (SCRF) system to connect individuals with community resources to support making healthy lifestyle choices. Clients are screened for certain health risks and behaviors, counseled on how to improve health through lifestyle choices, and (if the client agrees) referred to community resources that fit the needs of the client. Providers follow-up with clients to identify barriers or other considerations.

Health topics discussed with clients include health eating, access to healthy food, physical activity, and tobacco cessation.

In Anoka County:

  • 124 clinicians at 10 behavioral health clinics have received training in SCRF
  • 10 peer support specialists from 7 behavioral health agencies have received Motivational Interviewing training
  • 6 healthcare providers have staff who have been trained as a Mayo Tobacco Treatment Specialist
  • 40 clinicians have attended Tobacco Use & Dependence Workshops
  • 5 partners are now making referrals to the Minnesota Food Helpline through our SNAP-Rx partnership with Hunger Solutions

Tobacco Treatment Specialist Collaborative

Anoka County SHIP, in partnership with Washington and Ramsey County SHIP, created a Tobacco Treatment Specialist (TTS) Collaborative in 2018. The TTS Collaborative offers a bi-annual networking and educational opportunity for all of the providers who have gone through the Mayo TTS training in our counties. If you are a TTS interested in becoming a part of the collaborative, please email us at [email protected] with the subject line "TTS Collaborative".

Fact Sheets and Success Stories

We are happy to share impact data from the evaluation of our healthcare strategy, including fact sheets and highlighting the success stories of our partners.

Screen, Counsel, Refer, Follow-Up Fact Sheet
Success Story - Training Behavioral Health Providers: Tobacco Use and Recovery Among Individuals with Mental Illness or Addiction
Success Story - Walker Methodist Plaza DrumFIT