Highway Permit Information & Samples

  • Access Permit - An access permit is required for any new driveway, field entrance, street, or commercial access on an Anoka County road.
  • ACHD Permit Fee Schedule (PDF)
  • Adopt-A-Highway
  • Right of Way Permit - Right of Way permits are required for utility installations, for grading in the county right of way, or for work which obstructs the right of way.
  • Special Event Permit - Event permits are required for parades, running or cycling races, exhibitions, festivals, etc. that occur on an Anoka County roadway.
  • Transportation Permit - Any over sized load that is transported on Anoka County roads requires a transportation permit.
  • Outdoor Dining Permit - In response to COVID-19, Anoka County will permit outdoor dining in the County right-of-way on a temporary basis, for permitted businesses.

For more information call 763-324-3176.

Important Notice about the Anoka County Adopt-A-Highway Program
In response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, and to protect our Adopt-A-Highway volunteers, the Anoka County Adopt-A-Highway program is currently suspended. We will notify all registered Adopt-A-Highway groups when this program is resumed.   Thank you for your past participation and we appreciate your understanding.