Temporary Employee Benefits

Benefits for Temporary Employees

Effective 01/01/2018

Public Employees Retirement Association (PERA)

  • Anoka County contributes 7.5% of total salary; Employee contributes 6.5% of total salary; vested after 5 years of service.
  • (Police and Fire: Employer (part-time and full-time) contributes 16.2%; Employee contributes 10.8% vested 50% after 5 years of service and 10% each year thereafter until 100% vested at year 10. New Enrollees June 30, 2014, or later are vested at 50% after 10 years of public service, and become fully vested after 20 years of service.)
  • (Detention and Correctional Employees: Employer contributes 8.75%; Employee contributes 5.83%; vested 50% after 5 years of service and 10% each year thereafter until 100% vested at year 10.)

Direct Deposit

Payroll will be directly deposited to employee checking or savings account.

Credit Union

Optional enrollment in Affinity Plus Credit Union offering savings plans, money market/certificate accounts, checking, IRAs, installment loans, payroll deduction.

Wellness 360 Activities

Various team and individual activities and events which promote a healthy lifestyle.

Employee Club Discounts

Variety of discounts available. Watch department bulletin board for details.

Employee Development

Training for the purpose of improving the quality of services rendered by the County and to assist employees to prepare themselves for advancement in County services as authorized by the department.

Government Center Parking Options

Reserved, Covered Ramp Parking: $27.50 / month

Non-Reserved, Non-Covered Lot Parking (flat lot to the north): $19.50 / month

Non-Reserved, Non-covered Ramp Parking (4th and 5th levels): $10 / month

  • This rate includes Part-Time parking

Non-Reserved, Non-covered Overnight Ramp Parking (4th and 5th levels): $5 / month

  • For overnight shifts starting at 2 p.m. or later

Please Note

The benefits listed above apply to non-bargaining unit positions. For any benefit differences relating to bargaining units, refer to the contract for your unit.