April - Child Abuse Prevention Month

Pinwheels For Prevention: Pinwheels are the national symbol for child abuse prevention. They serve as the physical embodiment, or reminder, of the great childhoods we want for all children.

The Council promotes education on healthy child development and positive parenting during April. Annual educational events for both the public and professionals have included:


Teaching Safety Skills. Presented by Alison Feigh

Impact of Pornography on Child Development. Presented by Cordelia Anderson

2015:Building Empathy in our Children. Presented by Alison Feigh

2014: Is There an App for That? Raising Thriving Kids in a Digital Age. Presented by Erin Walsh

2013: Being the Brakes for Your Child: Helping Children and Teens Navigate Safely Through Life. Presented by Dr. Michelle Knox (community event)

2013: A Day in the Life: Helping Families & Children with Real Life in Real Time. Presented by Dr. Michele Knox (professional training)

2012: Bridge to Mental Wellness: Helping Children Thrive from Birth to Five

2011: Transforming the Challenging Child: The Nurtured Heart Approach. Presented by Tina Feigal

Adverse Childhood Experiences Research. Presented by Victor Veith

2010: What Brain Science Tells Us About Raising Healthy, Successful Kids (for professionals) & Parenting with the Brain in Mind (for parents). Presented by Dr. David Walsh

The ACE's Workshop was organized by CAPC and held at Connexus Energy. Professionals and representatives from various settings came to hear Victor Veith, Director of the National Child Protection Center, speak on adverse childhood experiences research and trauma-informed care.

Anoka County Child Abuse Prevention Council Table at an Aces Training