The Top Secret Project

The Chemical Health and Heroin Initiative

In Anoka County in 2016, the Chemical Health and Heroin Initiative was created.  Three workgroups were established.  These workgroups include the Top Secret Project workgroup, the Resource and Marketing workgroup, and the Drop-Off Site workgroup.  These three workgroups engaged with community partners to provide education, support, and prevention around the current drug crisis. 

The Top Secret Project

Project TOP SECRETThe Top Secret Project workgroup was responsible for coordinating with Anoka County schools and Hazelden to offer four Top Secret events that encompass seven school districts. The Top Secret Project unique exhibit was designed to help parents recognize unfamiliar hazards that are often in plain sight. Using a simulated teenager’s bedroom, the interactive exhibit included hundreds of items seen through an educated lens. These items could be signals that there is a problem. During each event, a training or activity regarding substance abuse was provided for the youth. 

Prescription Drug Drop-Off Sites

The Drop-Off Site workgroup was responsible for organizing a list of the current drop-off sites and starting advertising, as well as educating about the importance of safe disposal of prescription medications. Learn more about Prescription Drug Drop-Off Sites

Project TOP SECRET Room

Decoding the Mysteries of the Teen Domain