Maintenance (Road)

Snow Plows

  • Give snowplow drivers room to work and to avoid your vehicle from being hit by flying material
  • Do not travel next to a snowplow because they may suddenly move sideways
  • Be aware of parking restrictions

Snow Dumping

We caution residents that it is unlawful to dump snow from private driveways onto the road (Minnesota Statute Chapter 160.2715, Subdivision (a) (1) ). Under civil law, the person dumping snow on the road is liable for any accident that may be caused by it.

Anyone dumping snow onto the highway or shoulder of the highway is hereby advised that it is extremely hazardous for the plowing crew and others because the compact nature of the pile may cause the operator to temporarily lose control of the vehicle.

 Mailbox Damage Caused by Snow Removal

Anoka County will replace mailboxes with a standard size mailbox when:

Sign Placement Policy

The placement of privately owned signs on County property is prohibited. Signs placed on County property in violation of this policy will be removed and disposed of by Anoka County personnel without notice. For information about location of the County Right of Way, please follow the link below, or call 763-324-3100.

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