Initial Registrations

To register title to land and bring it under the Torrens System, a District Court action must be brought in accordance with Chapter 508 of Minnesota Statutes. Most such actions are commenced to cure title defects. In this respect, a title registration proceeding is an alternative to an action to determine adverse claims (quiet title), and almost all attorneys in the Anoka - Minneapolis metropolitan area use the title registration proceeding because of the advantages of the land registration system such as: no abstract after registration, elimination of ancient title defects and the conclusive nature of the certificate of title. You may wish to consult with the Examiner's office as to any defects or description problems prior to having the application executed.

Instructions (COMING SOON)

  • Instructions for Initial Registration Proceedings
  • Survey requirements for boundary registration
  • Next steps after an Interlocutory Order is signed
  • Contested registrations

Certificate of Possessory Title (CPT)

A CPT registration under Minnesota Statutes Chapter 508A is appropriate for uncontested titles where the applicant is the record owner. Boundary registration is not an option. After a CPT is issued, boundaries may be registered in a proceeding subsequent.

Instructions (COMING SOON)

  • Registering Possessory Title