Plat Filing 3/18/2020

With the County shut down to public access, the following is the process to file a plat in Anoka County.

  1. Plats will be able to be filed Monday – Thursday, 10:00 am to 2:00 pm with an appointment.
  2. Two days in advance of filing, an appointment will need to be set up with Chuck Gitzen. Chuck will notify PRT (which includes: Patti Menard, Sue L. Anderson, Molly Meyer and Lisa Schultz) of the appointment.
  3. The plat would be brought into the lobby of the Government Center. Chuck Gitzen will be contacted by phone letting him know the plat is there.
  4. Chuck will take the plat, bring it to the Surveyor’s Office, sign it and bring it back down to the lobby. When completed at the Surveyor’s Office, Chuck will notify PRT that he is bringing the plat to the customer.
  5. PRT will then meet the customer in the lobby and take any documents, checks, plat etc., from the customer and instruct them to wait while it is being reviewed. The required recording fees and property tax amounts would also need to be paid. PRT will bring them a receipt or a batch number once everything has been checked over and accepted for recording.