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Heroin is no longer just found in dark alleys and seedy hotel rooms. It's quickly become one of the first drugs being tried by our kids and it's killing them. Young adults from Anoka County share their personal experiences plus, learn what's being done in Anoka County and how you can help stop the spread of heroin and opiate addiction in its tracks.

Chemical Health Initiative

A program designed to fight drug and alcohol use among teens in middle school and high school is yielding positive results in the St. Francis and Centennial School Districts.

The Chemical Health Initiative, funded by an Anoka County Children and Family Council School District Partnership Grant, focuses on preventing the use of gateway drugs, such as alcohol and marijuana, and urges parents to talk to their children early, and on a consistent basis, about the dangers of alcohol and drugs. Learn more about this program.

Videos produced by the Chemical Health Initiative

 For more information about drug and alcohol use by teens, go to:

Minnesota Adult & Teen Challenge

"In 10th grade... I very quickly began to start changing who I was to try and fit in or to be who I thought other people wanted me to be." Lauren used drugs to cover up the feelings of anxiety and depression. After she became sober, Lauren learned how to love herself.

Growing up Taylor always felt "different" from everyone else. He turned to alcohol because he loved the way it loosened him up. In college he was a "closet alcoholic." "Everything was great on the outside, but on the inside I was contemplating suicide."