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  • Mailboxes - Report damage to mailboxes from snow plows.
  • Maintenance (Road) - Learn about the Anoka County Road Maintenance Department's policies.
  • Maps - View information about County maps and publications.
  • Minnesota Map - The Official Minnesota State Map includes regional maps, historic sites, state parks and mileage chart.
  • Minnesota Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices - Review the MN MUTCD manual on traffic controls for certain areas, general provisions, signs, standards devices, and pedestrians.
  • Park and Ride Lots - Get information on free parking at a Metro Transit Park and Ride Lots in Anoka County.
  • Permits - Learn about oversize load permits, driveway permits and other permits for entrances onto County roads. 
  • Planning - See current Transportation Plans and Studies.
  • Right of Way - Information regarding the Anoka County property acquisition process and guidelines.
  • Right of Way Ordinance (PDF) - The Anoka County ordinance to administer and regulate utilities in the public right-of-way.
  • Right of Way Permits - Obtain information about how right-of-way permits are required for utility installations, for grading in the county right-of-way, or for work which obstructs the county right-of-way, which includes but not limited to; detours, traffic control devices, lane closures, etc.
  • Road Conditions - View the MnDOT 511 website for weather-related delays and road conditions.
  • Road Design Manual - Review MnDOT Road Design Manual Chapters, design scene, metro sample plan, standard specifications for construction books, standard plans and plates, technical memorandums and contact information.
  • Road and Bridge Restrictions (PDF)- See TRANSPORTATION PERMITS for the Seasonal Load Limits (SLL), overweight permits, winter load increases, SLL Updates, Technical Memorandums, and contact information.

  • Sign Down - Report a problem by submitting information online.
  • Signal Out - Submit information about a broken signal.
  • Snow and Ice Control - Review winter work zone safety and winter driving tips.
  • Speed Limits - See speed limit maps, information about how speed limits are set and more.
  • State Aid for Local Transportation - find information on County State Aid Highway funds, Federal Aid, State Aid plans and bridges and programs. 
  • Survey - Learn about surveying manuals, workshops, and training, BASEMAP, property for sale, and more.
  • Traffic Counts (PDF) - Get average daily traffic counts for state, county, and some local roadways.
  • Transit Office - See annual transit reports, Greater MN Transit Plans, Rideshares, transit alerts, transit programs, bicycle and pedestrian programs, events, and other information.
  • Transportation Permits - Review permit requirements, ordering permits, permit processing, and link to seasonal load limits.

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