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  • Access Management (PDF) - Access management guidelines, learn about managing access information and get an overview of Access Management.
  • Adopt-A-Highway - Get information on Adopt-a-Highway and signing up for the program
  • Bicycle Transportation - Obtain information about biking in Minnesota.
  • Bid Letting Information - Learn how to bid on construction and maintenance projects, advertisements, documents, e-plans, forms, documents, and pre- and post-letting information.
  • Bid Letting Results - View apparent low bidders on jobs, abstracts for awarded jobs and more. See specific project information on the Construction Projects page for details.
  • Bridges and Structures - Browse the Bridge CADD standards, special provisions, bridge management, and bridge inspection.
  • Bus-Only Shoulders - Read about bus-only shoulders, park-and-ride lots, HOV bypasses, and other methods to optimize transit in Anoka County.
  • Cameras / Traffic Cameras - See information about traffic cameras on metro highways.
  • Campaign Signs in Rights of Way (PDF) - Obtain information about state law that prohibits the placement, painting, printing, or affixing of advisement on any object within the limits of any highway in Minnesota.
  • Center for Transportation Studies - View information on transportation innovation, researching, and publications by the University of Minnesota.
  • Commercial Vehicle Operations - Learn about oversize load permits.
  • Commuter Rail, Northstar - Check out information about the Northstar Commuter Rail service from the St. Cloud area to downtown Minneapolis.
  • Commute Solutions - Check out information on how to improve your work commute.
  • Construction Projects - Look through information about current and planned highway improvement projects.
  • Contract Management - Peruse Oversight of Anoka County’s contracts to assure that all contracts and contract processes comply with law and policy and promote and protect public interest.
  • County Maps - View maps of Anoka County.
  • Development Review Manual (PDF) - Get information about the Highway Project Development Process Handbook and Project and Process Guidance Website.
  • Directions - See directions to the Highway Department.
  • Drainage Manual - Learn about the MNDOT Drainage Manual is based on the Model Drainage Manual (AASHTO, 1991 and 1999) produced by the AASHTO Task Force on Hydrology and Hydraulics.
  • Driver’s License - Visit the Department of Public Safety website for information about Driver’s Licenses, Motor Vehicle Plates, Titles and Tabs, and Handicap Parking Permits.
  • Driveway Permits - Contact information for driveway and other permits for entrances onto County roads.
  • Driving Tips - Obtain seasonal information about safe driving.

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  • Employment - Search for jobs.
  • Environmental Services - Get information about roadside management, erosion control, environmental studies, and more.
  • Erosion Control - View specifications, permits, training, special provisions, research and publications, approved products and sources, certified vendors, seed mixes, turf establishment, standard plan sheet, tech memos, and links.
  • Federal Highway Administration, Minnesota Division - Review programs such as civil rights, construction, design, environment ITS/Traffic, planning, right-of-way, safety, structures, and bridges.
  • FIRST - Learn about the FIRST program minimizes congestion on the state highway system and prevents secondary crashes through the quick response and removal of incidents.
  • Five Year Plan (PDF) - Read Anoka County's five year plan.
  • Flashing Yellow Arrow Traffic Signals - See more about this efficient left-turn arrow.
  • Functional Classification - Obtain information about the grouping of streets and highways according to the character of service they are intended to provide.
  • Grants and Loans for Local Government - Seek information on the administration, County State Aid Highway funds, Federal Aid, State Aid plans and bridges, programs, District State Aid Engineers, and contact information.
  • Handicapped Parking (PDF) - Stay up-to-date on general information, eligibility, application, certificate, replacement certificate, and privileges.
  • Hazardous Materials - See registrations, program requirements, permit applications, fact sheets, and incident reporting.

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  • Mailboxes - Report damage to mailboxes from snow plows.
  • Maintenance, Road - Learn about road maintenance.
  • Manuals and Publications - Obtain printed bike maps, county maps, city maps, and engineering manuals are available from the map and manual sales office.
  • MAP-21 - See information about the Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century Act.
  • Mapping - View information about mapping, right of way, surveying manuals, workshops and training, BASEMAP, property for sale and more.
  • Maps, Minnesota Maps - Connect with your source to mapped information provided by the Minnesota Department of Transportation. The Official Minnesota State Map includes regional maps, historic sites, state parks and mileage chart.
  • Minnesota Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices - Review the MN MUTCD manual on traffic controls for certain areas, general provisions, signs, standards devices, and pedestrians.
  • Minnesota / Road Minnesota Road Research - See the road research products, seasonal load limits, research staff information and contact, calendar, and Mn/ROAD workshops.
  • News Releases - Browse links to Anoka County press releases.
  • Northstar Corridor Rail Project - Read about the Northstar Commuter Rail Project will provide service along a 40-mile corridor from downtown Minneapolis to Big Lake, Minnesota.
  • Park and Ride Lots - Get information on free parking at a park and ride lots in Anoka County.
  • Planning - See transportation plans and program management.
  • Plans - Obtain copies of engineering plans for state projects going back to approximately 1918. For historical reference use, primarily by engineering firms, and local government entities.
  • Potholes - Report a pothole, and view a video clip from the Minnesota Local Road Research Board, view “The Birth of a Pothole” put together by the Michigan Department of Transportation, News Releases, fact sheets, photos, and other information on potholes.

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  • Rail - Review information about Minnesota’s rail system, rail safety, and education.
  • Rideshare Program - Learn how to save money and time when you share a ride.
  • Right of Way - See the Anoka County property acquisition.
  • Right of Way Ordinance (PDF) - Read the ordinance to administer and regulate utilities in the public right-of-way in the public interest, and to provide for the issuance and regulation of Right of Way Permits.
  • Right of Way Permits - Obtain information about how right-of-way permits are required for utility installations, for grading in the county right-of-way, or for work which obstructs the county right-of-way, which includes but not limited to; detours, traffic control devices, lane closures, etc.
  • Road Conditions - View weather related delays and road conditions.
  • Road Design Manual - Review Road Design Manual Chapters, design scene, metro sample plan, standard specifications for construction books, standard plans and plates, technical memorandums and contact information.
  • Road and Bridge Restrictions (PDF) - See TRANSPORTATION PERMITS for the Seasonal Load Limits (SLL), overweight permits, winter load increases, SLL Updates, Technical Memorandums, and contact information.
  • Roundabouts - Learn about roundabouts in Minnesota, and how to drive them.
  • Rules and Statutes - Obtain information about state statutes, rules and rulemaking, rulemaking docket, and transportation regulation proceedings.
  • Sign Down - Report a problem by submitting information online.
  • Signal Out - Submit information about a broken signal.
  • Snow and Ice Control - Review winter work zone safety and winter driving tips.
  • Special Transportation - Obtain information for providers of transportation services the elderly or disabled.
  • Speed Limits - See speed limit maps, information about how speed limits are set and more.
  • State Map - Browse regional maps, historic sites, state parks, and mileage chart.
  • Survey - Learn about surveying manuals, workshops, and training, BASEMAP, property for sale, and more.
  • Traffic Counts (PDF) - Get average daily traffic counts for state, county, and some local roadways.
  • Traffic Engineering - View signals, lighting, speed limits, manuals and specifications, intelligent transportation systems, and more.
  • Traffic Forecasting and Volume Maps - Review traffic volume maps, traffic forecast, and traffic data collection sites.
  • Traffic, Safety, and Operations - Browse links to Traffic Engineering, Intelligent Transportation Systems - Guidestar, Traffic Operations, Office of Traffic, Safety and Operations manuals and guidelines, and traffic related contact information.
  • Transit Office - See annual transit reports, Greater MN Transit Plans, Rideshares, transit alerts, transit programs, bicycle and pedestrian programs, events, and other information.
  • Transportation Permits - Review permit requirements, ordering permits, permit processing, and link to seasonal load limits.

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W - Z

  • Winter Load Increase Information - View Seasonal Load Limits / Increases from the Mn/DOT Office of Materials and Road Research.
  • Work Zone Safety - Obtain summer and winter work zone safety information, and driving tips. Download Art for Work Zone Safety Campaigns.
  • Zipper Merge - Learn about what a "Zipper Merge" and how it is done.

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