Highway Department

Welcome to the Anoka County Highway Department!

It is our vision to enhance and protect life by providing safe roads and eliminating traffic congestion. 

Our Passion is Your Safe Way Home
Learn more about the Highway Department’s mission, vision, and values (PDF).


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Visit the Virtual Public Meeting

Learn more about the project and provide feedback through Nov. 30, 2020: www.csah14project.com


I-35W - Rescheduled Traffic Changes
Please see Other Agencies for updated information on I-35W construction

Outdoor Dining Permits
In response to COVID-19, Anoka County will permit outdoor dining in the County right-of-way on a temporary basis for permitted businesses. For more information, please see the Permits page, for Outdoor Dining Permits.


COVID-19 Restrictions
In response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, and to protect our customers and employees, Anoka County has closed all its public-facing services effective March 17 until further notice.

Even though face-to-face visits have been eliminated for now, we are still available to help you via email, phone and virtual visits.

If you need information, please call the Highway Department Front Desk at 

If you need to speak to someone regarding a Permit, please call Sue at 


County Board Allowing Temporary Signage for Businesses
For the purpose of announcing re-openings and alternative service delivery options during the COVID-19 pandemic restriction period, businesses are now authorized to place signage within the county right-of-way.

Signs must be placed with H-frame wire stakes and must adhere to Anoka County Highway Department specifications:

  • A maximum dimension of the sign plate of 3 x 2 feet.
  • A maximum height, measured from the ground to the top of the sign, of 3.5 feet.
  • Signs must be legible and not contain vulgar or discriminatory images or language.
  • Balloons, lighting and other attachments are not allowed.
  • Signs must be placed at least 300 feet apart, at least 50 feet away from all roadway intersections, and cannot impact road sightlines.
  • Signs must not impede business or residential access, cannot be placed in the center median of a roadway, or hinder access to to pedestrian push buttons or sidewalks.
  • Signs must not be attached to existing County signage, support posts or other facilities within the ROW.
  • Prior to installing any signs, all underground utilities need to be located. Call Gopher State One 48 hours in advance at 651-454-0002.
  • Questions? Call 763-324-3100 or email: [email protected]
  • Temporary signs will be allowed until two months after the governor ends the stay-at-home order.

Image showing sign dimensions allowed and items not allowed


Important Notice about the Anoka County Adopt-A-Highway Program
In response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, and to protect our Adopt-A-Highway volunteers, the Anoka County Adopt-A-Highway program is currently suspended. We will notify all registered Adopt-A-Highway groups when this program is resumed. Thank you for your past participation and we appreciate your understanding.


RCI J Turn - CSAH 22 and TH 65 
A new  tutorial on how to use the new signalized reduced conflict intersection (RCI) on TH 65 in East Bethel is available.  It briefly guides the viewer through the signal from the driver’s perspective, from both roads.  The video can be found here:



Diverging Diamond Interchange (DDI) - I35W and Highway 97 in Forest Lake

In the links below, you will find a “how-to” video on how to traverse a diverging diamond interchange (DDI).



Current Conditions

  1. MnDOT cameras show current conditions on major county roads. Still images refresh every 5 seconds. Use controls to see slideshow of all cameras, pause on one camera, or select from a list of cameras. View all cameras.


At the Anoka County Highway Department, it is our vision to enhance and protect life by providing safe roads and eliminating traffic congestion. Our passion is your safe way home.

The Anoka County Highway Department is responsible for the county highway system that includes 423 miles of road, 55 bridges, and 190 traffic signals. The Highway Department is divided into the following sections:

  • Road Maintenance - plows, paves and patches, and removes debris from all county roads
  • Fleet Maintenance - maintains all vehicles for the Highway Department and Sheriff’s Office
  • Engineering - designs and provides construction administration of highway improvement projects including: overlays, crack sealing, and seal coating
  • Traffic - designs, operates, and maintains the county's traffic signal system, conducting traffic studies and accident analysis, issuing permits, and coordinating the Adopt-A-Highway Program
  • Signal Service - enhances our highway system by implementing traffic control technology to minimize delays and maximize safety
  • Sign Service - provides highway users with effective guidance through the ongoing installation, repair, and maintenance of traffic control devices
  • Administration - provides support and direction for all highway services
  • Planning - directs and facilitates mid and long range planning of transportation projects to meet public needs