Tobacco-Free Communities

Tobacco use remains the single most preventable cause of disease and death in the U.S. Additionally, Anoka County residents have identified smoking for youth and adults as a major community health problem and therefore, tobacco use continues to remain a high priority for Anoka County Community Health and Environmental Services.

Tobacco Free Zone sign at Baseball Field

Tobacco Reduction Strategies 

Policy, system, and environmental changes are key to successfully reduce tobacco use. Anoka County is partnering with community-based leadership organizations and increasing the number of active community partners engaged in locally driven advocacy efforts. For more information on current Tobacco Prevention in Anoka County, call 763-324-4342.

FREE Tobacco Cessation Program! 

This program combines counseling, medication and community to help any MN tobacco user to quit. Call 1-888-354-PLAN.

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Smoke Free Living

Looking for a smoke-free rental option?

Visit our Living Smoke Free website to find a smoke free rental property.