Plan Your Parks


Anoka County Parks would like to engage current park users and residents that are unfamiliar with the park system to assist in future planning efforts. In collaboration with the Metropolitan Council, Anoka County Parks will be engaging the community through various outreach efforts to ensure that park amenities reflect the changing community needs. Projects that are open for public feedback will be listed on this page as they become available.

Provide Your Feedback!

Thank you for providing feedback to the Anoka County Park System Plan. The final version is linked below:

Park System Plan

Anyone interested in learning more about the Parks System Plan is invited to email our Park Planner Karen Blaska, or call 763-324-3412.

Park Master Plans

Visit the individual park page to view the most current master plan for the designated park.

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Anoka County Parks would love to hear from you. Please contact us directly with any questions, concerns or suggestions.

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