Services at Alexandra House
Survivors living at the Alexandra House Shelter are invited to participate in a service that utilizes music, reflection, and inspirational texts to build hope in each person’s faith and future. These services provide a special time to focus on and reconnect with how their spirituality can nurture their inner strength.

Seminar; Creating a Safe Place
Team members will present this seminar at a site of your choice. The information energizes participants to take the issue of violence in the home to heart and reach out to those in their own communities. Topics covered include:

  • The dynamics and impacts of relationship violence
  • How to recognize abuse
  • How families, friends, and faith communities can help
  • What is available in the community to help

For more information, please contact Lyla Pagels at 763-236-4342 or [email protected] Seminar; Understanding Domestic Violence and Its Impact on Children

Team members will present this seminar at a site of your choice. The seminar arms adults with insight, tools and resources. Topics covered include:

  • Information about violence in the home, and the many ways it can impact children
  • Awareness of the potential long-term impact that living in a home with violence has on children’s behaviors
  • How one can support children affected by domestic violence and resources available in the community

For more information, please contact Anoka County Community Health, 763-324-4200