Alliance for Violence Free Anoka County

"Working Together to Make the Peace."

The Alliance for a Violence-Free Anoka County is a coalition of individuals and groups working on violence prevention. This includes action teams with representatives from community initiatives, organizations, schools, business, government agencies and individuals living or working in the county.

Our mission is to provide the opportunity for all people of Anoka County to work, play, live, and grow in a safe, respectful environment free from violence. The Alliance will assist our communities to end violence in our families and neighborhoods through education and implementation of violence prevention strategies.

The Alliance for a Violence - Free Anoka County includes the following action teams:

  • Anoka County Child Abuse Prevention Council
  • Anoka County Domestic/Sexual Violence Coalition
  • Partners in Faith for Peace

Community members are welcome to join existing action teams. For more information on Violence Prevention in Anoka County, contact 763-324-4200

Together, We CAN Be Violence- Free
 In Anoka County!

! An abuser may be able to see what you are viewing. Please use a computer that he/she cannot access.