Foley Blvd (CSAH 11) Reconstruction from Egret Blvd to Northdale Blvd (CSAH 12)

Foley Boulevard (CSAH 11) originates at U.S. 10 and extends northerly to Northdale Boulevard (CSAH 12). Existing traffic volumes on the corridor are over 15,000 vehicles a day and are projected to increase to 25,000 vehicles per day by 2030. A majority of the corridor is bordered by single family residential properties. There is a commercial area at the north end near Northdale Boulevard (CSAH 12).

This project will improve mobility and increase safety on the network by providing additional capacity and reducing access. In addition, the project includes the construction of a separate pathway for pedestrians and bicyclists. The trail provides connections to local and regional trails and parks near the project area.

Project Background / Description

In 2011, Anoka County applied for, and received, Surface Transportation Program (STP) funds to widen and reconstruct the segment of Foley Boulevard (CSAH 11) from Egret Boulevard to Northdale Boulevard (CSAH 12). The proposed project will reconstruct the existing 2-lane roadway to a four-lane divided roadway with dedicated right and left turn lanes at full access intersections. The construction of a center median will improve safety and operations. Raised medians can reduce crashes and provide extra protection for pedestrians and bicyclists crossing the corridor.

The project includes the construction of a trail on one side of the corridor and replacement of an existing sidewalk on the other. The proposed trail and sidewalk will provide linkages between the various residential neighborhoods along the corridor and nearby commercial, recreational and educational facilities.

The project will be an urban design, which is fitting with the development along the corridor.


Provided is an overview of the project schedule identifying key milestones in the process:

  • Begin Construction - August, 2016
  • Substantial Completion - November, 2017

Maps / Layouts

Layout (PDF)

Project Contacts

Harry Grams, Construction Supervisor
Phone: 763-324-3114; Email Harry Grams