For Employees Who Work In Anoka County

If you work in Anoka County, MN, Commute Solutions will help you find your best commuting option. For example, we will help you determine if there's a convenient bus route from home to work and back or we'll ensure that you're getting the best deal on your bus or train passes.  To preview each commuting option in Anoka County, please read below. 

Carpool - Commuter Account

​Find a carpool by using Metro Transit's free online matching tool that connects you with others who are traveling the same direction and time. To use the tool, you must create a free commuter account.  Once you create an account, you’ll be entered into a regional ridematching database. If you don’t find a match at first, keep checking. People like you are added every day.

​A free commuter account also allows you to track your trips through Metro Transit's Trip Tracker. If you log at least one trip per month, (other than driving by yourself) you’re automatically entered into a monthly $100 gift card drawing.

Vanpool - Metro Vanpool

Metro Vanpool is a regional program subsidized by the Met Council.  Participants must live or work in Anoka, Carver, Dakota, Hennepin, Ramsey, Scott or Washington Counties.  Vans are leased monthly to the vanpool's primary driver.  Vans must carry a minimum of five people (including the driver) who share the ride at least three days a week. Vanpool routes must not duplicate regular bus routes, light rail or Northstar Line service. The average cost is $110 per month for each participant. 

Bus - Anoka County Traveler

​The Anoka County Traveler is the bus you will ride for all fixed bus routes in Anoka County.  Find out if there's a fixed route for you by using Metro Transit's online Trip Tracker tool.  If you cannot find a fixed route, double check with Anoka County Transit before assuming that you cannot commute by bus.  There are other bus options available. 

​If taking the bus is your chosen option, check to see if your employer or school offers a transit pass because discounts are available.  There are different types of transit passes depending on your needs.

​If your employer or school doesn't offer a transit pass, conveniently pay your bus fare with a Go-To Card that can be used over and over again. Go-To Cards are accepted on all regional fixed route buses.

Train - Northstar Commuter Rail

Northstar Commuter Rail is the only train available in Anoka County.  There are seven Northstar train stations between Big Lake and downtown Minneapolis.  Four Northstar stations are located in Anoka County.  Check to see if there's a bus route between a Northstar station and your workplace.  Pay your train fares with Go-To Cards that can be used over and over again.  

Emergency Rides - Guaranteed Ride Home Program

Guaranteed Ride Home is Metro Transit's free program that gets you home from work or school if you have a family emergency or have to work late unexpectedly. To be eligible for this program, you must ride the train, bus, carpool, vanpool, bicycle or walk to work or school at least three times per week.

Participate in an Event

If you decide that commuting by any of the above options is not for you, please consider participating in special events offered by Commute Solutions and our regional partners.  Participate in Anoka County's Bike to Work Week in June or Carpool to Work Month in October.  Special events are a good way to try a new option or even commit to a different option temporarily.