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Recommended Databases

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Recommended Websites

Bell Museum of Natural History
Located on the Twin Cities campus of the University of Minnesota, this museum has a fascinating natural history collection and kid-friendly exhibits.

How Stuff Works
Clear and comprehensive information on how things work.

Minnesota Zoo
Zoo events and general information, plus a virtual tour with a description of each of the zoo animal species.

Information about NASA Space Centers, space flight and exploration, satellites, and much more. Offers a wide range of links, including a children's link called NASA Kids.

National Science Foundation
Funding opportunities, statistical data, news about cutting-edge findings, discoveries, and scientific breakthroughs.

Science Fair Project Index
An index to books containing science fair project ideas for children in grades kindergarten through high school.

Science Museum of Minnesota
Calendar of events, educational ideas and activities, information about the Museum's collections, and research projects.

A directory of Minnesota environmental education resources.

United States Patent & Trademark Office
Obtain information on the patent process and search the U.S. patent and trademark databases.

University of Minnesota Extension Service
Publications pertaining to Minnesota crops, soils, conservation, agricultural pests, plant pathology, fish and wildlife, forestry, wood and wood products, gardening, horticulture, livestock, health, and human nutrition are included.