Make an Appointment

Save Time
For your convenience, Anoka County encourages you to make an appointment at the Blaine Passport Center or the Coon Rapids Passport Center to submit your passport application.  It may take half an hour to submit an application - more for multiple applications.  With an appointment, you can be sure that you will begin your submission within 10 minutes of your appointment time and that your application(s) will be accepted the day of your appointment.

Walk-in applications may be accepted based on appointment availability. Please see "Where can you apply for a passport?" for business hours at the Blaine Passport Center and Coon Rapids Passport Center.

Before You Arrive
Whether you've made appointment or are walking-in, complete this checklist for each person before you arrive:
  • Have a completed U.S. passport application
  • Have proof of U.S. citizenship
  • Have current primary identification
  • Have a passport photo (or plan on having a passport photo taken at the License Center)
  • Have checks, money orders, or cash (see Payment Information for details)
Get Your Passport Photos
Save time and driving by getting your passport photos when you submit your application for acceptance.  The passport photo service is available at both Passport Centers for a fee of $18.00 per photo.

And remember, it's easier when you make an appointment!
  1. Please note: Anoka County does not collect Wheelage Tax on vehicles kept within Anoka County.

    If you keep your vehicle(s) at your home or business within Anoka County you are not required to pay Wheelage tax. Please visit any license center, they will be able to remove this fee from your total due.
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