Mental Health Providers Serving Anoka County

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The SAMHSA Treatment Services Locator is a federal government website that can help you find a treatment facility near you. Simply enter your zip code and you will get a map of nearby facilities that offer treatment for mental and chemical health problems.

When you find a facility you would like to go to, always call their telephone number or check their website to make sure they provide the kind of help you need and have payment options that will work for you.

This website has a powerful filtering feature for finding different kinds of facilities, treatments, and payment options. You may want to watch their video to learn about the different options.  If you need help finding a treatment location you can call Adult Mental Health at 763-324-1420 or Children's Mental Health at 763-324-1430
Go to the SAMHSA Treatment Services Locator website.

Mental Health Clinics that Offer Adult Rehabilitative Mental Health Services (ARMHS)

Anoka County Certified ARMHS Providers (as of August 23, 2017)
 Name  Phone  Website
Accend Services, Inc. 218-724-3122
Alliance Health Care 651-895-8030
Associated Clinic of Psychology 612-925-6033
New Generations 651-777-5222
Community University Health Care 612-638-0700
Courage Kenny Rehabilitative Institute 612-775-2204
East African Healing Services 612-481-0394
Family Innovations, Inc. 651-407-3631
Family Support Services, Inc. 651-628-4993
 Healing and Restoration Consulting  612-916-0945  
Healthstar Home Health  651-293-1000
Hennepin Home Health Care, Inc. 763-425-5959  
Hope Therapeutic Services 763-458-1381  
Independent Healthcare Resources, LLC 651-654-1090  
Joshua's Journey, LLC 651-528-6903
Lutheran Social Services of MN 651-642-5990
Metro Behavioral Health, LLC 612-767-7576
Metro Care Human Services 651-528-7141
Metro Psychology Support Services 651-645-7971 
Minnesota Behavioral Resources, LLC 612-865-4402
Minnesota Care Partner 612-200-0864
Pathways Counseling Center 651-641-1555
People Inc. 651-776-9924
Peoples Development Services MN  612-332-9124
Progressive Individual Resources 612-749-3309
Recover Health Resources, LLC. 612-367-4417
Rise, Inc. 763-786-8334
Sequence Health, LLC  612-293-0957  
Tasks Unlimited Mental Health 612-871-3320
 Tranquility Health LLC  612-707-7469