Rum River Regional Trail

Rum River Regional Trail

The Rum River Regional Trail follows the Rum River from the City of Anoka to the Anoka/Isanti County border. The trail is made up of segments connecting different local and regional parks. The plans for this trail is to be 20 miles long when complete and stretch North to South across the county.

The Rum River Regional Trail connects with many other regional trails such as the Mississippi River Regional Trail, Central Anoka County Regional Trail, North Anoka County Regional Trail, and Sugar Hills Regional Trail.

Currently 4 segments of this regional trail exist. The first stretches from City of Anoka’s Akin Riverside Park 4 miles through downtown Anoka; continuing along the river to the Rum River County library. The second section is 1.2 miles long and explores the Lake George Regional Park. The third segment is just over one mile long and stretches through the Ponds Park in the City of Oak Grove. Finally the fourth segment of trail is 3.5 miles long and stretches from Lake George Boulevard to Poppy Street. Connecting the Dellwood River Park and Rum River North County Park.

Transit Connections:

Less than .25 miles to Route 805 in Anoka

Rail Route 888 Anoka Transit Station at 4th Street and Pierce Street (Park & Ride lot)