CDBG-CV, CDBG/HOME Applications, Disbursement, Survey, PY20-24 Con Plan, Action Plan, CAPER 

PY2021  NEW CDBG-CV (COVID-19), CDBG/HOME Funding Applications for municipalities & non-profits.                  For Home Improvement Loan programs, see Property Owners.

NEW CDBG-CV - funds must be directly tied to COVID-19 prevention, response, recovery

CDBG Public Service - funds for service or activities related to providing service. APPLICATIONS CLOSED, accepted through January 8, 2021.

CDBG / HOME Project - funds for housing, construction, rehabilitation, TBRA activities

CDBG/ HOME - 2021 Participant Survey / Disbursement  Request

Multi-Family Housing Rehabilitation Policy

PY2020 CAPER (July 2020-June 2021) Consolidated Annual Performance & Evaluation Report