Election Judges (Poll Workers)

Thank You for Answering the Call!

Anoka County residents have stepped up and answered the call to serve as election judges for the November 2020 election! Cities are reporting that they are well staffed with judges and alternates for the election. This will ensure that all polling places remain operational on Election Day. 

Learn more about election judge eligibility, requirements, and responsibilities.

Precautions for Election Judges during Pandemic

In coordination with the Office of the Secretary of State, Anoka County and its municipalities are taking precautions to ensure that election judges are safe when performing their duties. All election judges be will provided with masks and sanitizing supplies to maintain a hygienic work environment. Election judge training will be delivered in an online format to avoid congregating in a large group setting. In addition to covering election judge roles and responsibilities, training will also address specific recommendations and guidance for working during the pandemic.