Vital Statistics

In-Person Service

The Vital Records counter is at the main Property Records and Taxation counter, located in the first floor lobby of the Government Center in Anoka.

Mail or Fax Service

Some licenses and certificates can be requested by mail or fax. See Mail or Fax Service for more information.

Available Licenses, Certificates, and Services

  1. Birth Records

    Obtain a copy of your birth certificate.

  2. Death Records

    Request a copy of a death record.

  3. Death Record Amendment

    Need to make a change to a death record?

  4. Marriage Licenses

    File for a marriage license.

  5. Marriage Certificates

    Obtain a copy of your marriage certificate.

  6. Notary Public

    How to have a document notarized.

  7. Authentication of Notary

    Verify that a Notary Public is currently registered in Anoka County.

  1. Notary Public Registration

    Learn how to register your Notary Public.

  2. Liquor License

    Learn more about liquor licenses.

  3. Auctioneer's License

    Obtain an auctioneer's license.

  4. Precious Metal Dealer License

    Learn more about becoming a precious metal dealer.

  5. Registration of Ordination Certificate

    Register an ordination certificate.

  6. Transient Merchant License

    Become a licensed transient merchant.

  7. Mail or Fax Service

    Process and form for ordering by mail or fax.