Anoka County Job Training Success Stories:

Contributing to the success of individuals and employers through workforce development services.

Dislocated Worker Program

CaptureBrian thought his days were numbered with the painting crew he was working with and sure enough, he was laid off in January of 2019.   He found himself at CareerForce in Blaine looking at current job openings. Some days employment looked hopeful and others very discouraging.  Brian took advantage of job search classes like Creative Job Search, Resume Writing, and LinkedIn. Each course was excellent and gave him a better picture of his future.  

CareerForce in Blaine staff mentioned the Dislocated Worker Program to Brian to enter short-term or long-term training.  Short-term training was not a great fit for Brian, so he enrolled in long-term training to earn an associates or bachelor’s degree receiving financial assistance with tuition and books.  Sr. Vocational Counselor Troy Scheffel provided direction and leadership for Brian to establish goals and a plan to go back to college. It had been thirty years since Brian attended college, so he was apprehensive but looking forward to a new challenge to serve others in meaningful ways.  Brian attended Metropolitan State University with an inspiration to have a career at a medical device company.  

Returning to school brought many challenges for Brian but he worked hard, had weekly math tutor sessions, and walked out with an “A” in Statistics.  Brian navigated through his college experience with honors, was on the Dean’s list every semester, and was nominated for the President’s Outstanding Students Award. 

After graduating Brian began his job search, with Medtronic as his number one target. In March of 2021, Brian attended a virtual career fair and met a ProStaff representative who had long-term contracts with Medtronic. He is excited to share that he is now working on a team that builds life-saving devices. He is a technologist in a climate-controlled production environment.  

Brian is extremely grateful for the Dislocated Workers Program and the people who have guided him to a brighter outlook and secure future. The best gift is that the Dislocated Worker Program helped Brian acquire great skills and knowledge that will benefit him in the workplace for the years to come. 

Congratulations Brian! 

Youth Program


Jeff was referred to the Anoka County Job Training Center from a county staff member that worked out at Anoka Technical College Career Services Office.  Jeff was interested in enrolling in an Information Technology (IT) program at Anoka Technical College and liked the idea of having the extra support from an employment counselor as he worked toward his goal of obtaining his college degree.

Jeff applied and was eligible for the Empowers Young Adult Program and an employment counselor assisted him in getting enrolled in the Software Development two-year program at Anoka Technical College.  Jeff wasn’t eligible for several of the financial aid grants so having the Empowers program assist with tuition and books was very helpful. 

Jeff participated in a paid internship position as a Resource Center Assistant at CareerForce in Blaine while attending school which allowed him to sharpen his computer and customer service skills.  During his internship, his employment counselor saw another internship opportunity with an IT department at a surrounding county and encouraged Jeff to apply.  Jeff was hired for the internship and he received more experience in the IT field, worked full-time, and made a livable wage. 

Jeff recently obtained his Associate in Applied Science (AAS) degree in Information Technology with an emphasis in Software Development from Anoka Technical College. He was recently offered a full-time position with benefits from the internship position he was working at and accepted the position. Jeff has future goals to continue his education and obtain his four-year degree.

Congratulations Jeff!

Minnesota Family Investment Program (MFIP) / Diversionary Work Program (DWP)

bridgetBridget was enrolled in MFIP Employment Services in August 2016.  At that time, Bridget had a GED and work experience as a Deli Cook at a local grocery store and some very limited, entry-level work experience in manufacturing.  Bridget was looking for a new job that would pay her a wage sufficient to support herself and her two children and was having difficulty in finding that job due to her lack of a viable skill set. 

After participating in job search activities for a few months and not finding the employment she was looking for, Bridget decided to enroll in Anoka County’s Office Administrative Technology (OAT) career pathway training program and pursue a career in office administration.  The next class wasn’t scheduled to begin until January 2017 and since she had a few months to wait until that cohort began, Bridget decided to participate in an MFIP Paid Work Experience (PWE) to gain some work experience in an Office Setting.  Bridget did well in her PWE and when January 2017 rolled around, she began her OAT training at Metro North ABE and Anoka Technical College.  Bridget successfully completed the OAT training program in June 2017 and began her job search again, searching for employment that would utilize her newly acquired skills. 

After a short period of self-employment, Bridget obtained a full-time regular position as a Production Coordinator for a local heating and air-conditioning company.  Bridget has stated that the skills she acquired in her OAT career pathway training greatly helped her get hired in her new position and she is currently very happy.  The following is a quote from Bridget, “Thank you for everything you have done to help me get here, I am forever grateful.”

Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) Employment & Training

Life happens and David found himself suddenly unemployed with no back up plan.  He was not prepared to quickly re-gain entry back into the job market.  He had very little resources and was discouraged not knowing what his next steps would be.  In researching available resources, David was referred to Anoka County Human Services and they directed him to the SNAP Employment and Training Program.  He was originally very skeptical about how this would help, but signed up for the program orientation; figuring he had nothing to lose.  David's skepticism was soon turned into enthusiasm as they provided him with encouragement and the resources needed to get back into the job market. Specifically, SNAP provided him with job leads, helped him to create a resume and it provided him with transportation resources needed to search for jobs.  David is grateful for the SNAP Training Program and feels it was very instrumental in getting him back into the job market and preparing him for his current job.